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Thumb6Joel Guy lives and breathes Kauai. Born and raised on the island, his roots run deep. Humbled by Kaua’i’s beauty, and grateful to call this paradise “home”, Joel understands the Garden Island’s many gifts and nuances as only a local can, having spent over four decades deepening his love affair with Kauai, becoming ever more intimate with the beauty, magic, and deep culture. Joel strives to live “Aloha”, bringing love, respect and deeply ethical values to all he does. He is incredibly active within the community, working hard to serve and preserve Kauai as President of The Hanalei to Haena Community Association and Chair for Grants and Aid Committee on the Hawaii State Foundation of Culture and Arts.

Joel began making films in 2002. His impressive resume includes major advertizing campaigns for Steve Madden Shoes and Tori Praver Bikinis, as well as the award-winning annual marketing campaign for the Kauai Visitors Bureau. He’s worked extensively with big wave surfing legend Laird Hamilton and has traversed the globe as a travel filmmaker, documenting 3-time World Surfing Champion, and local Kauai boy, Andy Irons as his personal videographer. You can view much of Joel’s work at Grass Shack Productions: Joel loves film, and Joel loves Kauai. Wedding Videos Kauai allows him stay at home and do the work that feeds his soul, combining his two great loves in exciting and creative ways. Inspired by the enchanting beauty of Kauai, Joel uses his cameras to capture that awe-inspiring moment when Kauai’s natural splendor and the divine mystery of love converge.


“We are all so fortunate to get to live here. Thank you for coming to Kauai. It gives me the opportunity to do what I love in the place I love!” – Joel Guy



Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! We know that this will be one of the best days of your lives, and believe that your wedding video can, and should, be much more than a simple recording of your special day. At Wedding Videos Kauai we employ high-quality video equipment and a variety of creative filmmaking techniques to turn your wedding video into an exclusive work of art. As technologies advance, the possibilities become limitless, and creative filmmaking methods that were previously reserved for big-budget productions have become accessible within the realm of personal wedding videos. Today, technology and artistry can be combined to create something truly spectacular. Using innovative techniques and multiple cameras, including drones, which allow for dramatic aerial shots and unique vantage points, Wedding Videos Kauai showcases the sweeping majesty of Kauai and the intimate beauty of your celebration in equal measure.

Once your wedding is over and the footage is collected your video will head into the editing room, where the real magic happens. Now the fun really begins for us! Fueled by super creative energy, we’ll examine, splice, rearrange and distill hours of video footage, sifting out the best of the best. Then we’ll marry the imagery with the perfect soundtrack to complete your personalized masterpiece. At Wedding Videos Kauai we consider each wedding we shoot a unique, fresh filmmaking opportunity. Your love is distinct and extraordinary, and we believe your wedding video should be too.

We have two packages available to suit your vision and your budget. We welcome your ideas, and we love a challenge!